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If taken within 72 hours of taking the second dose of the abortion pill, early research on the effectiveness of the Abortion Pill Reversal showed a success rate of 64-68%.

Dr. William Lile, an obstetrician in Florida, has been one of the most outspoken supporters of aiding women who regret taking the abortion pill. He has also personally helped a number of young ladies who were in this dreadful predicament and went on to have healthy infants.

The process is straightforward: progesterone, a hormone produced naturally by the body and essential for maintaining the baby’s blood flow in the uterus, is blocked by the abortion pill. The infant receives the oxygen and nutrients from that blood that it needs to grow. By preventing progesterone production, RU486 effectively starves and suffocates the unborn child. However, by giving patients progesterone, doctors may frequently reverse the effects of the abortion pill and keep the baby’s life-support system alive by keeping oxygen and nutrition flowing to it.