If you have taken the abortion pill less than 72 hours ago and are having second thoughts, please contact us to explore how we might be able to help.

If you’ve taken the Abortion Pill within the last 72 hours, there is a chance the effects can be reversed and the pregnancy saved.

Call 1-877-558-0333 to obtain a prescription for an Abortion Pill Reversal.

Does Abortion Pill Reversal Work?

  • The process is straightforward: progesterone, a hormone produced naturally by the body and essential for maintaining the baby’s blood flow in the uterus, is blocked by the abortion pill. The infant receives the oxygen and nutrients from that blood that it needs to grow. By preventing progesterone production, RU486 effectively starves and suffocates the unborn child. However, by giving patients progesterone, doctors frequently reverse the effects of the abortion pill and keep the baby’s life-support system alive by keeping oxygen and nutrition flowing to it.
  • Abortion Pill Reversal showed a success rate of sixty-four to sixty eight precent.


  • When taking MIFEPREX RU486—the abortion pill—there are numerous factors to take into account. Although it is fairly simple to obtain, the risks aren’t usually obvious.
  • The abortion pill may have harmful, even lethal effects if you are carrying a fetus that is at risk.
  • Learn more here to make sure you are informed of all the adverse effects.

We are aware that an unwanted pregnancy can be frightening, and that many women decide to have an abortion when they are stressed out and afraid. We are aware that many women eventually have second thoughts about having a chemical abortion.

Our helpline will put you in touch with a local medical expert who can help you reverse the effects of the abortion pill. Every step of the journey, we will be here for you. Call us right away because both time and your baby are priceless.

Abortion Pill Reversal* is a successful procedure that provides your unborn child a second chance at life.

Day or night, we are always available and happy to connect with you. However, the most valuable thing we can offer is hope for a different outcome.

I Just Took the Abortion Pill.
What should I do?


  • There is a chance the effects of taking the abortion pill within the previous 72 hours can be undone and the pregnancy can be preserved.
  • To get a prescription for an Abortion Pill Reversal, call 1-877-558-0333.
  • Please contact if it has been more than 72 hours since you took the abortion pill so we can explore how we can help.

“After taking the abortion pill, I started to consider how brief this world is and how my decision to abort this child would have an eternal impact. I could not deny that I had committed a serious error. I jumped out of bed, made my way downstairs, and started a Google search. I chose the ‘abortion reversal’ option. I contacted the helpline listed on the website and inquired about the possibility of reversing the effects of the abortion pill. Yes, the hotline nurse replied.”